Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Paradise in the Cyclades!/ Paradise Hotel in Andros

Did you know that Andros island,  one of the largest islands of the Cyclades is only a couple of hours away from Athens and seems an ideal destination for bank holidays and long weekends!

Therefore,  we choose the Paradise Hotel to spend an amazing long weekend ( 7-9 jun) with our family.

Its panoramic views of the garden, surrounding the pool , villages and monasteries is a unique setting for relaxation and meditation after your swim in the crystal clear waters .

The children's pool , entertainment area for children, tennis, ping pong, the film shows for all tastes, the summer evenings, themed culinary evenings , make more enjoyable your stay .

Just next to the gardens of the hotel you can visit the Old Ice Factory of the Mantzavelakis family transformed with love in Folklore & Christian Art and enjoy a Festival of Local cheese and Wine along with learning the process of the traditional kneading of bread  will have the opportunity to taste
wines and traditional local cheese.

For those of you that are not familiar with Andros island, its main  port is at Gavrio, with a regular connection to Rafina, while the ports of Batsi, Hora and Korthi can facilitate fishing and touristic boats .At the western part of Andros are the big sandy beaches of the island, easily accesible and developed. Those seeking quiet beaches and rough landscapes should visit the northeastern and southeastern parts .There are many rivers and torrents and plenty of springs. Ravines have rich vegetation with plane and walnut trees, while the slopes (especialy at the south) are full of oak trees. Since a long time ago, big parts of the slopes have been transformed, using stone walls, to step-like shapes locally called “emasies”. Around the villages there are olive and lemon trees groves and many vineyards. Andros owes its ancient names “Idrousa”, “Lasia”, “Nonagria” and “Epagris” to water and its rich vegetation .The northwestern part of the island is bushy and somebody can see partidges, hawks or even rarer predatory birds, like eagles, wild pigeons and martins

Sunday, 25 May 2014

40 Years Anniversary for our favourite hotel in Athens!!!

This year, St George Lycabettus hotel celebrates its 40th year anniversary !
All these years, many important personalities and famous actors trusted this Athenian hotel for their stay!

Anna Mouglalis

Claudia Cardinale 

Jean Reno

Catherine Deneuve

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's almost summertime / It's time for yoga and a spa treatment at the Sensia Spa!

Did you know that there is a new hot spot in Kolonaki? It's called Ananea Pilates and Yoga!

Ananea Pilates and Yoga will be from June 10th at St George Lycabettus in the heart of Athens!

   The Sensia Spa, a place of perfect aesthetics and technology, welcome the high level of professional care and physical care that offers only Ananea Pilates & Yoga! Combine effective exercise programs and empowerment of the fitness experts of studio and complete your overall workout with a relaxing massage session at the Sensia Spa.

You can also choose from other fitness programs such as TRX, the most hot trend in functional training, Zumba & Aqua Zumba, the most rhythmic fitness trend, Pilates, the method of balance of mind and body or course Sunset Yoga Acropolis View, in an area that offers stunning views of the city achieving the ultimate sense of wellbeing and relaxation .

The perfect way to awaken your senses and gives you a complete rejuvenation .

Visit Ananea Pilates and Yoga to get more information for all the summer programs! :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

The Acropolis Museum [Part II] - My Top 5 !

As I have already mentioned the New Acropolis Museum  is one of the reasons that I 'am proud to be Greek! Full of exhibits that will narrate to you the Athenian  history from 5th c. B.C to the 5th c. A.C.

My top 5 favourite exhibits are:

1. The monumental sculpture of the pediment of the Gigantomachy, the battle between the Gods and the Giants, attributed to Antenor, an important Athenian scupltor.

2. The Peplos Kore, a female statue named after the garment she wears, a type of peplos. It is possible that the statue does not represent a Kore, but the Goddess Artemis with arrows and a bow in her hands.

3. The Kritios Boy, a sculpture representing a different aspect in motion, plasticity and seriousness in facial expression than the other Korai and male statues.
4. The Caryatids, five of the six Korai that supported the ceiling of the porch of the Erechtheion.
5. the whole Parthenon Gallery, on the third floor of the museum. The theme of the frieze and the metopes is the Panathinaic  Procession, during the festivities of Goddess Athena's birthday.
Don't forget to visit the video area in the 3rd floor and watch the history of the building of the Parthenon and the history of the Temple of Athena Parthenos until modern times.

For more information visit: www.theacropolismuseum.gr
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