Friday, 25 April 2014

Steak and Pink Salt Elegance

   Enjoy another signature dish by the Executive Chef Vassilis Milios.
 The chef uses the Himalayan salt as a cooking plate. The salt block is  entirely made of Himalayan rock, crystal,pink salt which is 100 % pure and unrefined and without any preservatives. 

Some facts about Himalayan salt:
  • It is pure and it comes from an unspoilt ecosystem from about 300 million years ago, when the Earth was still pure.
  •  It derives from an exclusive area known for its high quality salt.
  •   It has the highest content of nutrients (a total of 84), that we need.
  • It contains no impurities from the environmental pollution.
  •  It has bio-energetic content since it is a means of storing primordial information of 250.000.000 years.
  •  It is naturally extracted and hand washed; our products are 100% made of authentic Himalayan rock salt.
  •   It has the capacity to bring about positive changes to all the metabolic functions of the body, bringing your body, mind and spirit into perfect harmony.

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